SAP BusinessObjectsAsk for a presentation of the BI platform SAP BusinessObjects.

Web Intelligence in practiceIf you order an SAP BusinessObjects training, you will get a book on building reports in Web Intelligecne based on best practices
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About Us
InsightSoft specializes in consulting services in Business Intelligence, software development and education services. Through modern technologies, education services and our partners’ software, we provide companies of all sizes solutions to enhance the efficiency and productivity of their employees. As for Business Intelligence, we provide solutions to help managers and knowledge workers make decisions based on timely and accurate facts. InsightSoft has significant experise in Business Intelligence tools by the SAP company, the leading provider of enterprise systems.

InsightSoft’s aim is to help their customers to grow in their expert knowledge. Our consulting services can be thus perceived as an investment enabling faster enhancement of the expert knowledge of our customers’ employees. When working on projects, we share our knowledge with them and we help them to build their tacit knowledge, which is the drive of the organization’s performance and long-term prosperity. For this reason, we offer several trainings, helping the participants to accelerate the growth of their knowledge. more about trainings